Our strength is that of a large Group, the strength of the steel we use to manufacture our products. Unique in the World.


Elevating Trust,
Inspiring Passion.


We cultivate commitment, dedication, talent and passion to continue providing absolute quality products and high-level service, to satisfy customers and enhance the values offered, both material and ethical.


We implement long-term strategies based on dialogue, listening, respect, collaboration and teamwork, to ensure solidity, integrity and responsibility.

and quality

We invest constantly in research and development and ensure that company protocols are consistently applied throughout the production chain, with an excellent management and the use of advanced technologies.


The centrality of our Customers, served by the uniqueness of our Product and the passion of our People.

We act in the future with a purpose and self-awareness.

The Italian excellence is in our DNA.


Our journey is a journey across the time, marked by changes, challenges and successes that have occurred since the 1950s.


We are interpreters of the Italian craftsmanship, which we carry throughout the world through our products and their quality.

A constant focus on the future lead us to ambitiously tackle the challenges of tomorrow, making us a point of reference for our customers.


The inclination to find increasingly advanced solutions has always distinguished us.
/ Technological Innovation

Investing in cutting-edge technologies and in the continuous improvement of our plants has not only increased the production capacity of the Group at every site, but has positively impacted the product quality too, allowing us to maintain a competitive advantage.

/ Research & Development

The high level of automation in our facilities is a tangible sign of this vision and of the continuous pursuit of quality and efficiency. A brilliant example is the Stanghella facility, recognized as the most advanced front-end cylinder production plant in the world.